Septic System Home Warranty: Do Septic Tanks Have Warranties?

Septic systems are no laughing matter. A warranty on your septic system can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and an uninhabitable situation. Don’t ignore the bad omens of a septic system failure. They will only get worse.

You might use the bathroom only to find the water is backing up, or your bathtub might start to drain slowly when you take a shower... Read more

Can a Home Warranty Cover an Old HVAC Unit?

Unless you’ve just bought a newly renovated home, everyone has used appliances. The life expectancy of your appliances can very from a couple years to a decade, so it’s no surprise if you consider your’s “old.”

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Which Home Warranty is the Best?

When we consider the happiness of our homes, no one wants to worry about sudden accidents. The best home warranty will cover your most important appliances and systems so you can find peace of mind at a reasonable cost.

If an important appliance breaks down, the best home warranty will offer you a quick way to have it fixed without the sudden burden of paying for a new appliance or system... Read more