3 Reasons To Invest In A Home Warranty

Every homeowner will eventually deal with an unexpected breakdown. On the other hand, only some homeowners are ready for it.

Rather than viewing a new home warranty as an extra expense, it actually serves as an investment in your future. The costs when you’re not covered are sudden and unavoidable, but the costs when you have a home warranty plan are instead gradual, allowing you to save on hefty expenses later... Read more

The 4 Best States For Homeowners To Have A Home Warranty

All homeowners can benefit from shielding their homes from appliance breakdowns with a home warranty. Home warranty protection brings peace of mind while helping you avoid the hefty costs of mechanical issues with your home’s major systems.

When it comes to purchasing a home warranty, there are certain parts of the country where homes could use extra protection and stand to benefit even more than other regions of the United States... Read more

Home Warranties: Are They Worth It?

It’s often the first question that comes to mind whenever someone is introduced to the concept of a home warranty:

“Are home warranties worth it?”

It’s a legitimate question, but to find the answer, you first need to understand just what a home warranty does, what distinguishes a home warranty from “homeowner’s insurance,” and most importantly, what the benefits of a home warranty include... Read more