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5 Home Improvements That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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When the time comes to sell your home, you want to get the biggest possible return on your investment. Whether you’ve been there five years, ten years, or even longer, making the most out of your sale is important. Fortunately, there are five home improvements that can increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to buyers.

1. Start with a home inspection and knock out those problems first.

Anyone planning to make an offer on your home will eventually pay for a home inspection. Beat them to the punch and have one done yourself. Invest in resolving those issues before the buyer even asks. From repairing structural damage to fixing issues with the sidewalk, you can use these repairs as selling points that work into your asking price. A buyer will feel far more satisfied purchasing a home that won’t require as much work from the get go. This may lead them make you a better initial offer.

2. Remodel your kitchen or bathroom – or both!

Sometimes, something as simple as repainting some cabinets, adding some fresh caulk, and upgrading your appliances to stainless steel can work wonders. Replace old, rundown fixtures with new, modern ones. Replace worn countertops and check that all your cabinets are both clean and fully functional. If you decide to go for a full remodel, great! Otherwise, focusing on just a few big things can really catch the eye of a buyer. Everyone loves the look of a recently remodeled bedroom or bathroom.

3. Keep it clean to attract buyers.

No matter how old your home is, nobody wants to buy one that’s dingy, dirty, and in a state of disrepair. Whether your home just hit the market or you’re just toying with the notion of putting it up for sale, take some time to clean your house thoroughly. Remove clutter, mop floors, wash windows, wipe away cobwebs, and clear out closets. If you take the time to make your house presentable, more buyers will feel confident about placing a higher bid.

4. Focus on “curb appeal.”

When it comes to buying a home, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside. Take some time to touch up the landscaping and make your home more appealing from the street. First impressions are everything, and you want to make the best first impression on any potential buyers. Keep your lawn cut and get rid of any dead branches or debris around your house. Take the time to replace landscaping decorations that have fallen into disarray over the years. And plant some flowers – you’d be surprised how much of a difference a little color can make.

5. Stay on top of routine maintenance and repairs.

Few things are more frustrating to a new homeowner than having to replace systems and appliances that break down shortly after the sale. More savvy buyers will be extra cautious when it comes to buying a home with older, heavily used systems. If you really want your home to stand out to prospective buyers, take extra care of your home systems, keeping up with routine maintenance and other issues before they become a real problem. For many, a home warranty will be a breath of fresh air when heaters, air conditioners, and major appliances go haywire.

Even if you’re selling your home, it’s often to your benefit to include a home warranty as part of the deal. Warranties from Select are fully transferable, and most buyers prefer to buy a home that’s protected with a warranty.

Don’t have a home warranty? Regardless of whether you’re selling today, tomorrow, or ten years from now, get a quote and protect your home from unexpected breakdowns and expenses.